Beyond Q has quite a pedigree.

We are descended from one of Canberra’s oldest second hand and antiquarian bookshops.

With several kilometres of shelf space, we have a very wide range of stock – fiction and non-fiction – very old and very recent, and all vintages in between.

Fiction is a particular strength, though it only represents 35% of our total stock, 35% of four kilometres is worth seeking out. Whether you are seeking the latest title from your favourite author, or an established classic, it may well be on our shelves, at a sensible second-hand price.

We have separate sections for crime fiction, sci-fi/fantasy and horror fiction. For our more romantic clients we have a large poetry section and a good range of plays, with an entire bookcase for Shakespeare.

Regular browsing, particularly of our New Arrivals shelves, is highly recommended!

Children are well catered for (no matter what their age) – with an exclusive range of picture books and novels ranging from Lewis Carroll, Enid Blyton and Mary Grant Bruce to more recent favourites such as Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket and John Marsden.

Our non-fiction categories cover everything from archaeology to zoology:

Seriously, our sections include: history, biography, politics, philosophy, religion, myths and legends, archaeology, anthropology, art, music, science, environment, militaria, transport, business, health, sport, cooking, gardening and craft.

We proudly carry a wide range of books about Australia, including Aboriginal culure and history. We have a good range of books about Australa’s Pacific neighbours, partcularly New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Aside from the books which you see on our shelves, we have some our older and rarer tomes tucked away – so if you are looking for a venerable volume, or a collectable first edition novel, or anything else that is special or unusual, please ask!

We also have a very interesting range of ephemera, including postcards relating to all parts of the world.


Our section of books about music is complemented by sheet music and an excellent range of recorded music on vinyl. If all this isn’t enough to keep you entertained, we also have a selection of DVDs and Blu-Rays.


Selling Books To Beyond Q

Staffing restrictions prohibit Beyond Q buying books on any day that starts with a W.  That is Wednesdays and Weekends.  We offer store credit or cash,  though at times we will only offer store credit.

With very few exceptions, our books are second-hand, which means that we are constantly looking for good quality pre-loved books that are in good condition.

We are particularly interested in the most recent fiction and in quality non-fiction books of all ages.

Textbooks though don’t quicken our pulse, particularly in subject areas where texts are regularly revised and re-issued.

Feel very welcome to contact us to check whether your books will be of interest to us. Where necessary we can come to you, at home or work on Fridays.