All Day Menu

Available 9.30am-5.30pm daily

Toasted sandwiches
Animal Farm Bypass
Roasted sweet potato, roasted capsicum, pesto, halloumi cheese, caramelised onion and fresh lettuce. Can be modified to be vegan by substituting hummus for halloumi and pesto.

Ham, cheddar cheese, and tomato chutney.

Chicken Little
Roast chicken tossed with feta, garlic aioli, red onion and fresh corriander. Served with lettuce and sliced tomato.

Coffee: $3.50/$4.00
Decaf, extra shot, syrup, soy, almond: + $0.50
Hot chocolate: $4.00
Chai latte: $4.00
Broad range of T2 teas: $4.00 pot
Babychino with marshmallows: $2.00

Milkshakes: $6.00
Iced coffee/chocolate: $4.50
Soft drink: $3.50
Milkshake: $4.50